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New Member Application Form

I hereby apply for membership of Congregation Beth Hamidrash for myself / my family.  I / We agree to accept and be bound by the By-Laws of the congregation.  I / We understand that this congregation is carrying on the traditions and customs of Orthodox Sephardic Jews.  I also understand that membership is subject to approval by the Rabbi and the Board of Directors.

Our membership year runs from June to May. Dues for the June 2022 - May 2023 membership year are: Family ($2,100.00) and Single ($1,225.00). Applications for membership after June of any year will be prorated to the number of months remaining in the membership year.

Membership dues are tax deductible and are due when assessed. Renewal statements will be mailed to your family at the beginning of June in subsequent years.  Fees may be paid in full at the time assessed or you can call the office to arrange a monthly payment plan.  Fees may be paid in cash, by cheque, by Visa, or by MasterCard.  Family memberships include 2 (two) reserved seats for the High Holidays and a discounted rate on the purchase of further seats for other family members or visitors.  Single memberships include 1 (one) reserved seat for the High Holidays and a discounted rate on the purchase of further seats for other family members or visitors.

Our Sephardic philosophy is that no one is denied membership due to financial hardship.  Please contact the Rabbi or the President to discuss privately and confidentially any personal circumstances regarding payment for your membership.

Application for Membership
Please fill out all information in English.

* Indicates Required Information

* For synagogue records and to ensure correct spelling of Hebrew names, please contact the office to provide a copy of your Bar/Bat Mitzvah Certificate, Ketuba, or other religious documents to support your completed application.


Yahrzeit Information - Anniversary of Death of Close Relatives

For date of death in yahrzeit list, please provide the Hebrew month, day, and Hebrew year. If you do not know the year, you may leave this blank. If you only know the English date, the year will be required so our system can calculate the correct Hebrew date.
Tue, September 26 2023 11 Tishrei 5784